Engineering with Frech: Function, economic efficiency, value

Frech is an interesting address whenever you need people to think things through with you - for the creative and productive realization of parts or subassemblies that have to conform to the most stringent quality standards. 

We've made preparations for that too: With comprehensive 3D design, CAD/CAM technology, direct data acquisition und simulation programs that enable a clear prognosis about the product to be expected.

But none of that would be worth much without decades of know-how. Anyone who optimizes new products year after year for economically efficient production has the kind of experience for which there is no substitute. A basis that creates trust, and is founded on sound facts.

  • Frech processes over 300 tonnes of high-quality plastics each year
  • 500 realized forming und injection-molding tools and 400 punching tools are clear proof of our daily, "hands-on" approach

Creative engineering from Frech can give your products longer-lasting quality too.