Engineering with Frech

Function. economy. value.

Product implementation

Creative and production-oriented implementation of parts or assemblies that have to meet high quality standards.

Current 3D CAD / CAM systems and filling simulations as well as the tolerance understanding of our employees are the basis for perfectly fitting shapes.

But none of this would be worth much if it weren’t for decades of know-how. Anyone who optimizes new products for economical production year after year has experience that cannot be replaced by anything. A basis that creates trust and is based on tangible facts.

Through the early exchange with us during the parts / product development, we can bring in our strengths in the plastics and demolding world. In this way you avoid unnecessary steps and in the end you have a manufacturable product from an economical tool.

Additional benefit

Material selection for manufacturing and functional requirements

Material selection for specific environmental conditions in later use

Constructive production optimization to reduce costs

Tolerance optimization

Constructive product or function optimization

Determination of parameters for optimal haptics.

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